Why SEO is not too expensive?

First off, SEO or search engine optimisation is the use of methods, strategies and techniques to enhance and improve a website’s ranking in search engines. This would allow more people to find your website for your given market. Check out this seo singapore video for more information on SEO.

SEO is too expensive

Lots of Singapore business owners remark at the cost moneyof SEO quoted by SEO agencies in Singapore are too expensive. An average of $1000 to $3000 is spent on SEO. Some Singapore SEO companies require a monthly fee while others do not. Whatever the case is, Business owners tend to find SEO pricy and not really worth it.

Breakdown of SEO Cost

However let me present you with an alternative view on SEO. Don’t view the SEO cost as expenditure. View it as an investment. Let me give you an example. I have a plumber client that was pulling an additional $2000 from just his SEO website alone. After his free trial was over, I charged him $400 per month to maintain his ranking and SEO site. He feedback that it was too expensive and he was not willing to pay more than 15% for “advertising”. I provided him with an alternate view instead. Look at the $400 as an investment. If you do that, then it suddenly becomes a great one!

View SEO as an investment and not Expenditure

Let’s take an example of a fixed deposit in Singapore. The interest rates are advertised at 1.05% per annum. If you invest in Bonds such as genting bonds, it would give you dividend returns of about 5-7% per year. So seo investmentlet’s use the cost of monthly SEO fee as the invested capital. $400 invested in fixed deposit would return you $4.20 per year, while the dividend yield would give you about $16-18 per year. Let’s contrast this to our SEO investment. The plumber get a return of $2000 per month from just this $400 that he invested in SEO for his Singapore website. That is 500% return on investment! Try beating that!

SEO is not expensive!

Assuming that the Singapore SEO expert that you consulted with is geniune and able to get you to page 1, the returns on SEO is really tremendous. It would really bring your business to the next level.

cheap seoSEO can really help your business on the long run. As the world becomes more connected through the internet, it becomes inevitable that you need to have a online presence. Without it, you would be missing a big portion of your potential clients. With the internet, SMEs in Singapore are able to compete with the big guys. The internet has leveled the playing field between Giants and the Small businesses out there. The other benefit of SEO is that you are not confined to just your local market here in Singapore. With a SEO site ranking well on search engines, you are opening your business out to the rest of the world. You would effectively be going international! So with that said, I think SEO is money well spent to grow your business. It is a good investment. To avoid being reaped off, do your due diligence  and searh for the best seo Singapore consultant.

Truth About Locksmiths

Though many people think that the work of Singapore locksmiths is solemnly to unlock doors when one has locked themselves out, the fact is that there is much locksmith1more that these experts are capable of that is usually not known to many.

Other Functions of Locksmiths

Among the other services that these locksmith Singapore company offer, examples are installation of deadbolts, repairing of the broken locks, consultancy and others. The most important skills that every locksmith in Singapore should at least have is mechanics, carpentry as well as the expertise to do their job in an efficient manner.  When one has been accidentally locked out of a house or simply a car, the best way in is to remain calm and call on an emergency locksmith Singapore expert because he is the only professional that will be able to help out in such desperate circumstances.  When called upon, the locksmiths usually arrive on time  depending on the traffic conditions in Singapore and can get a spare key immediately. 

Beware of Scam

However, as a consumer, its indeed necessary to have avoid scamenough protection against business scammers in the name of locksmith’s contractors who don’t have a license or are not recognized or affiliated to reputable locksmith associations and accrediting institutions. Much as the demand for these experts is increasing day by day, the fraud cases are also increasing in the same way because there are some people who want to get easy money through fraudulent means.

If a locksmith service in Singapore is offering to low for their locksmith charges, it may be too good to be true. Check their credentials and ensure that they are legit.



World Of Aesthetic Surgery

The world of plastic surgery in Singapore has a lot to offer. There are procedures that are fast and has a short recovery time and those that are elaborate and take many weeks to months to recover. The article below serves to introduce you to them.

Types of Plastic Surgeries

Quick Botox procedures are novel, painless and less abrasive technique that will take only a few hours. It will only take you about two weeks to recover from it. This approach is perfect when you do not want to take time off from your job. Botox injections do not interfere with the other cosmetic surgeries that may be adopted in the future and therefore it is a versatile procedure that a significant number of Singaporeans seek.

Another example of a cosmetic surgical procedure is Penile liposuction. This is used for the reconstruction of a penis through artificial modification. Others such as double eyelid surgery, removes the aging contours and reshapes the surrounding tissue. Butt implants reshape the buttocks by using silicone implants or excision of unwanted layers. Chemical peeling is common where there is need to lessen the appearances of chicken pox, scars or acne. Orthognathic surgery is appropriate for the alteration of the facial bones by literally fracturing them. As you can see, there are many techniques available and you can definitely find one that is tailored towards the treatment of a particular defect in a patient.

types of procedures


There is a lot of information on plastic surgery on the web. Do your research and you are bound to find many options out there. In addition, consulting a plastic surgeon can shed light on the suitable options that would be efficient for correcting a particular defect, anomaly or just enhancing a certain feature of your body. Congenital or pediatric procedures are intricate and should only be performed after the recommendation of by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. You can check the competence, credentials and certification of the plastic surgeon with the Board of Medical Plastic Surgeons. This is prudent as some of the procedures are inherently delicate and may spawn detrimental health effects.

There is a website that I would recommend for you to check out. It has a lot of information on doing plastic surgery in Singapore. Here it is http://plasticsurgerysingaporehub.com/

The Truth About Investing In Gold

Investing In Gold With IRA

The society has moved from character based valuation of persons to wealth based assessment. People are weighed and scaled on their net worth. What one owns is the benchmark of popularity, and a mark of class. Investment options are increasing as investors seek safe and effective ways to build wealth. The frequencies of economic fluctuations in the currencies have made people risk averse. Guarantee of investment is top on the list when it comes to choosing an investment option. Treasury bonds and certificate of depository (CD’S) were once a secure way of guaranteed return, but not anymore. Investment in gold has proved to be one of the most secure ways of investing.

In the last 12 years, gold has proved to be the most consistent commodity in terms of value appreciation. In India, for example the price of 24 carat gold has always been on the rise. The increase in the price of a commodity is an indicator that the demand for it is increasing. Ancient history shows that the various kingdoms invested in gold. This kind of investment has never lost significance, not only for its economic value, but also for its historical significance.goldira

There are various forms in which gold can be invested; for example, in rare gold coins and gold bars or bullions. Rare gold coins are minted to show significant events in the history of a nation or kingdom. Commemorative coins have a high intrinsic value; and in addition, distinct unique designs. They were made and distributed to the public at very high premiums. They are highly sought after investment by coins collectors. Another form of gold investment is gold coins on which much historical significance is not placed. Contrary to popular belief, investment in gold is not for the fabulously wealthy class only as anyone can buy a gram of gold. The gram is the smallest unit invested in gold. Gold accumulation can occur little by little and it’s likened to saving of cash in a bank account. Therefore, anyone can make a gold investment today!

In addition, an individual retirement account can be used to invest in Gold as well. How does it work? First thing that you have to  do is find a gold backed ira custodian first. Make sure that the gold  custodian or company is reputable and trustworthy. They will be the ones that will help you manage and handle your precious metals investment.

Gold investment never lost its value; over the years, gold value has been increasing. Gold investment protects one against inflation. It has remained relatively unchanged over the years, in spite of the various challenges that have marked the global financial state such as political unrest, wars, and economic crunches. There are various gold investment forms of storage such as coins, jewelry, or as bars in vaults in the bank. A number of online gold schemes provide useful guide and tips to the investors.

Depletion of the gold reserves has contributed significantly to the increasing value of gold. In developing countries, gold investment remains unexploited. The irony of it is that the largest gold mines are found in these particular regions. Developed nations and markets are reaping huge returns from investing in gold. It’s time to explore this rich and secure option to increasing returns and building wealth. In hindsight and factually, return on investment is almost guaranteed. So why not start with gold backed ira investing today!